The Best Ability is Availability.

I was scheduled to publish this blog before the turn of the new decade…but then I contracted the influenza.

From December 24 until January 3, I didn’t fitness, barely ate, and could not channel the energy I needed to write this important piece. While sick, I saw everyone’s “new year, new me” and “I’m cutting everybody off that don’t match my energy” posts. I also saw members of my beer community commit to “Dry January,” a vow I made once and  refuse to do again. But prior to being on bed rest, my family gathered to brainstorm our motto for the year; together, we developed another fire decree. After our motto is confirmed, I begin to think about what my personal theme/word for the year will be.

For the year 2020, my word is “available.”

Over the last several months, I have watched ESPN’s “Get Up” talk show every single day as part of my morning routine. Mike Greenberg facilitates sport talk with analysts and former players who always reiterate that “the best ability is availability.” I always understood this mantra in the context of sport and it was made more real when I was not emotionally available (and physically able) to be present and add value to my relationships over the holiday break. This idea became more evident after watching a sermon from Steven Furtick and Elevation Church.

God is always working in me and on me, but I have to be available to receive His blessings and breakthroughs.

To be available is more than just clearing your schedule to be present. To me, availability means that I am actively creating space for God to fulfill His promises for me AND through me. Too often in the past, I settled for convenience rather than having an unshakeable faith in God’s grace. I wasted months trying to find out “why” and “how” instead of being obedient and walking on water. Ultimately, I was filling God’s access points to my life with distractions, anxious thoughts, and excuses.

But when you know better, you do better.

So this year I am committing to doing the following:

  1. Listening WAY more than I speak. In a professional role where I am looked to as the problem solver and voice of reason, this is a daily challenge. I am fully aware that I do not know everything. On the other hand, I also recognize the pressure to feel as if I have to express that I do. I am learning that listening occurs both in and out of the physical realm. I will become more aligned with my spiritual sensory system this year by talking less and listening more, especially when God is speaking.
  2. Saying “no” more than I say “yes.” I have an extremely hard time saying “no” to people, experiences, and opportunities. As a result, I find myself constantly overwhelmed trying to fulfill commitments and last-minute requests that I just don’t have the time or energy to execute. Instead of trying to concoct the perfect excuse, I am committing to telling people “no” when I do not want feel like doing something. Period. “No” is a complete sentence and I am going to become a “no (period)” expert in 2020.
  3. Spending more time with myself. Moving to the DMV was the best-worst thing that happened to me in 2019. During my first year in this area, I enjoyed all of the bottomless brunches and day parties, many of which I cannot remember (sorry mom lol). But these experiences have come at a price. I had neglected Tim’s 10% and rarely spent time with myself, while trying to build a community here. More reading, podcasts, and brewery visits are in order.

It’s been six months since I published my last post. The reason for the hiatus is simple: I had not created time for Tim nor made myself available to walk with God. Expect more frequent blog posts throughout this year. I am back, I am focused, and I am realigned with His purpose.

Encourage somebody to be great today!

Tim Bryson

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