Be THE Difference: Sexual Violence Prevention

Sitting outside gate D44, I am overwhelmed with emotion. Exhausted, sleepy, wishing I had more candy. Over the last 24 hours, I have been in 3 different states, 2 time zones and 1 hotel room.

Though it’s been a long day/weekend, I cannot help but to give God praise. 

Just a year ago, I was in my apartment reminiscing on how fast college has flown by. Now I am in the Milwaukee airport awaiting a flight back home. As some of y’all know, I visited Marquette in April 2015, to keynote their New Member Conference. This time, I was invited to keynote their 2016 Greek Symposium to underscore the influence and responsibility fraternity and sorority life members have to prevent sexual violence on college campuses.


Let’s be clear. This is not just a Greek life problem. This is a college culture concern. However, as student leaders, our peers look up to us – what we care about and don’t care about; what we do and don’t do. Administrators look to us, both in challenge and controversy, to be problem solvers, not avoiders.

After working with Sexual Trauma Services of Midlands (STSM) and interning in the Office of Student Conduct at The Ohio State University, interpersonal violence prevention has become more than just a passion. It is my mission. For as long as I am living, I will always use my voice to speak for those who have been silenced and my influence as a fraternity man to eliminate interpersonal violence on all college campuses.

Some say it is “impossible.” Others call it “wishful thinking.” Fortunately, I don’t believe in man-made restrictions nor invisible boundaries because I’ve witnessed firsthand the impossible become reality – over and over and over again.

Though there is much more work to be done, I am inspired by the ideas the Marquette community has proposed and believe that change is imminent. Together we will do the work and enact social change, and not only command the attention of the world, but will also become the best versions of ourselves and our organizations in the process. It is through this work that will develop the new stereotype – congruent with our values and rituals as Greek men and women who vow to always be the difference.


Sitting outside gate D44, I am overwhelmed with emotion. And though it’s been a long day/weekend, I cannot help but to give God praise. 

Encourage somebody to be great today! 

Tim Bryson

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  1. You’re doing great things bro keep it up!

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