Just Got Impeached About A Year Ago

“Tim Bryson, first black Fraternity Council President in USC history, removed from office in 19-5 vote.”

One year ago, my life changed forever. One day, I am the leader of one of the largest student organizations on campus. The next day, I am impeached for “doing the right thing, but not following the rules.” Words cannot even begin to express how I felt in the moments that followed. I remember standing outside of Russell House with my fraternity brothers, recapping what had just become reality. Driving home, I listened to “Praise Him in Advance” and “My Life is in Your Hands” back to back, over and over again, trying to rationalize “why me?”

As soon as I parked outside my apartment, it finally hit me: “This is bigger than me. Something better is going to come out of this.”

God was not playing games. Over the last year, I have been living my dream! A concept many people search their whole lives to identify, let alone practice. Traveling and speaking with my peers about ethical leadership, accountability, and interpersonal violence prevention has been nothing short of fulfilling. None of which would be possible without the 19-5 vote on September 21st, 2015.

You see, had I not been impeached, I never would have awakened my purpose on this earth. At least not at USC.

Nicki Rowlett – I cannot thank you enough for not only believing in me, but also encouraging me to find my voice in the midst of organized chaos.

Millikin University. Student Health Services at the University of South Carolina. Southeastern Panhellenic Conference. Rho Zeta chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Presbyterian College. CHICKS Conference. Marquette University.

Thank y’all so much for allowing me to come share my experiences and insight about how we can make positive social change together. It has truly been a pleasure getting to know every community through transparent dialogue and vulnerable reflection.

Fraternity Council, I forgive you. I appreciate your role in teaching me invaluable life lessons. Lessons such as “doing what is right” vs “being right.” Seeking resolution rather than reconciliation. I understand it’s been a rough year for y’all as well. Four different presidents, multiple fraternity suspensions, and a council structure that is far from productive. However, these shortcomings are part of the process of change.

Success cannot be advanced in the absence of strategy and the only true failure is when you stop trying.

Throughout this journey, I have learned a lot about leadership. No longer President of Fraternity Council, I am forever committed to addressing health and safety concerns of Fraternity and Sorority Life communities.  I look forward to working with Fraternity Council at USC and FSL communities abroad to creating more diverse and inclusive communities that support the mind, body, and spirit of its members – free from risk, harm, and danger. Finding harmony in controversy is not easy. However, change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.

We should embrace this impeachment; this could be one of our realest moments where the truth will set us free. 

Encourage somebody to be great today!

Tim Bryson 

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