Welcome to TimothyFBryson.com!

I am so blessed to finally kick-off and support a personal goal that I have circumvented for years. Not because of my over-committed student involvement or lack of technology expertise, but because I was afraid of failing.

How could I fail at a blog? Would people read what I want to share? Better yet, would people even care about what I have to say?! After much reflection, I finally answered my own question:

My thoughts and words do not have the potential to fall short of success and achievement because what I have to say is important.

Despite what others might gossip, my words have value. And yours do too! Too often, I believe we compromise what we want to share because we seek external validation – likes, retweets, comments – rather than internal gratitude. The peace and joy I have found while creating this platform has been rewarding and I hope it inspires and fills others with courage to conquer their concerns and fears with grace.

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” 

Mahatma Gandhi

The purpose of this website is insignificant, but it is very important that I do it – because no one else will. This space is multifaceted, all rooted in seven words:

Identify Passion. Inspire Vision. Walk in Purpose.

Throughout the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing information on how to find out what you’re good at, speak life to your dreams, and ultimately move forward in faith. I will also be sharing my experiences as I travel and speak with people on the topics of leadership, holistic well-being, and accountability.

Whether you know me as the “black president that got impeached” or don’t know me at all, I pray throughout this experience you will not only learn a little bit more about me through transparent blog posts, but also about more about yourself and how you can actively become the change you wish to see in the world.

I look forward to this journey and cannot wait to connect with y’all along the way!

Encourage somebody to be great today!

Tim Bryson

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